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Languages we offer

English Language

Learn English from A English Language Tutor Online Over The Skype according to your Convenient timings & Days.

Why Should I Learn English Language Online ? ???

To Learn English Online with Experienced English Language Teacher You Don’t Need To Pay Admission Fee or Buy The Books or Wait For Teacher or Drive To School or Some Office nor You have to Pay Fee in Advance. As It is according to Your Convenient Timings & Days and you will have your own choice of Male & Female English Language Teacher. Online English Lessons Are Delivered One 2 One that 100% Guarantees A Learner of Satisfaction. As The Teacher’s Whole Attention Remains precisely with a Learner without any division. In Addition, The Summary of Lessons is Always Sent via Whatsapp in An Audio Form That Helps a English Language Learner to Go Through the Lesson thoroughly. We also Have a Student-Teacher Interactive Web Panel Which Keeps The Record Of All English Lessons, Lesson Timings, No of Lessons, Teacher’s Availability & Student’s Punctuality including Daily English Lessons Summary, English Audio & Video Tutorials, English Language Materials, English Language Tests & Exams & Important Notifications.

How Long Does A English Lesson Last?

English Lessons Online Last from 30 to 40 Minutes each Depending on Topic Being Discussed. How To Set off A Journey From English Grammar To Spoken English through Contents of English Lessons? As Each English Lesson Consists of English Sentences Structures & their Implementation + English Vocabulary and Every Second English Session Has a English Assessment Based on Previous English Lesson’s Contents, So A English Learner Can Proceed To Next English Lesson confidently. It keeps going on until English Grammar & Sentences Structures come to an end. Then, in the Next English Lessons A English Tutor Transfer you smoothly From English Grammar To English Conversation & Dialogue Based on them using tiny Tricks & Tips on which Spoken English is based.

What Should I Do if I want to Learn English Online ?

Learning English Online is as simple as an ABC. All You need to do is to Fill The Form and Choose The Relative English Language Course from English Language Courses and Have The Best English Language Teacher with More than 9 Years Experience of Teaching English Online & in Person. Not only this but you will Also Get Free English Language Tutorials & Materials Prepared By English Language Experts That Consists of Everything About English Language i.e. English Alphabets, English Language Proverbs, English Idioms, English Verbs, English Phrases, Numbers in English, English Useful Sentences, Greetings in English, Vegetables in English, Fruits in English, Weekdays in English, English Vocabulary, Colors in English, Time in English, English Conversation & Dialogues, English Poetry, English Sentences Structures, English Dramas, English Songs, English Movies, English Dictionary, English Useful Apps, English Software, English News, English Jokes, English Keyboards, English Fonts.

Course Schedule

Currency Two month Three month Six month Ten month
Dollar ( $ ) 399 $ 3 days Free trial
Total 30 hours.
550 $ 4 days Free trial
Total 40 hours.
999 $ 5 days Free trial
Total 75 hours.
1599 $ 6 days Free trial
Total 130 hours.